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02 October 2008 @ 10:27 am
tag rules  
before begin the activity of this community, i wanna explain the tag rules. here they are !! ^____^



1. although this community is dedicated to these beautiful TRIO,  you can freely talk about RYOPI or PIN or just RYOJIN. but please don't forget to put :
+ryopin --> when you post about three of them
+ryopi --> when you post about ryo and yamapi
+pin --> when you post about yamapi and jin
+ryojin --> when you post about ryo and jin

2. FANWORK, please put :
fanwork : fanfic --> when you post fanfiction
**oneshot, drabbles multichaps are acceptable
fanwork : graphics --> when you post icon, banner, wallpaper, etc
fanwork : fanart --> when you post your drawing or anything else
** you can put preview, but remember!! images larger than the dimensions 320x270 pixels, put under a lj-cut

3. MEDIA, please put :
media : pictures --> when you post picture, scans, photos, etc
media : music --> when you post mp3 or anything else
media : video --> when you post their performances, shows, etc
**for video, please PUT UNDER a LJ-CUT

4. NEWS, please put :
news --> when you post news about them

5. OTHER, please put :
other : discussion --> when you wanna discuss them
other : other --> when you post about selling or request something
other : translation --> when you post translation


it's really easy, right?? PLEASE REMEMBER IT!!
and..... i don't bite you. so, if there is something wrong or anything, just let me know, OK!!? xDD
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