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28 January 2014 @ 04:17 pm
Of horny boys, videos and twitter  
Title: of Horny boys,videos and twitter
Pairing: Ryopin
Rating: NC-17
Author: yuuki56
Beta: sodigirl1980
Disclaimer: not mine. if those boys belonged to me, I would be posting videos, not stories :-) all belong to JE.
Warning: threesome, messed up timeline, also english is not my native language so I'm sorry for the mistakes!
Summary: I suck at this. so I came up with this idea when reading Jin's twitter and I fell on this particular tweet that caught my attention, and here we are!! this is my first fanfiction, and first lemon so sorry for the fail, I hope you like it anyway!!
also first time posting here, yoroshiku ne!

Sun was barely setting in the always busy streets of Los Angeles. The skyscrapers were neverending, hiding most of the sky from view, and people walked head held low, not daring to rise up and meet someone else's eyes.

Their pace was fast and even, trying to motivate themselves for the boring day ahead.

The man was almost unnoticeable in this sea of people. Baggy jeans, white t-shirt, black hoodie. Plain, simple. The fact that he was very famous in Japan was unknown, Jin Akanishi didn't mean anything here. Yet. he was almost invisible.

And he liked the change. Being able to walk down the streets without fearing that the resounding ''kyaas'' were not from the huge japanese crows. But a sea of fangirls, who had nothing better to do with their lives than bother him on his only free day.

Yes. He most certainly didn't miss that. He missed the language he heard and spoke most of his life, the music of it. He missed the healthy, delicious food, his amazing friends and family.

He missed Japan.

he liked it here too. Being a super idol had its perks. He got to perform inTokyo Dome, meet great people (he still can't get over the fact that he got to meet Will Smith. Will f*cking Smith.).

Get on TV (whether or not it was a good thing is still on 'debate mode' with how shy and absolutely uncomfortable he always looks.).

And first and foremost, he got to meet those amazing people he had the chance to call his friends.

Jin considered he had three categories of friends.

The largest category was ''party friends'', the ''meet up once in a while'' friends, like crystal or BoA, Deshon...he trusted them, but to a limit.

The second category, were his 'best friends'' the people he trusts with his life. They were few. Because Jin doesn't trust too easily, but when you gained his trust, you gained the world's best friendship.

Josh, Dominic, Yu and Jun, Zen, Kusano. And that's it. For them he'll fly over to the end of the world in the blink of an eye. Like they did plenty of times for him.

And then, there was Ryo and Yamapi. They were brothers by anything but blood. He loved them really. They were always by his side. Snarky and dorky most of the time, funny and awkward when he really needed the laugh, soft and comforting, (and still awkward) when laughter couldn't give him back his smile that broke thousands hearts.

Yes, they were pretty amazing.

Except today.

Today, he REALLY hated Yamashita Tomohisa also known as Yamapi, NewS member with a dorky smile and a cute laugh.

And Nishikido Ryo, multi-tasker, snarky and blunt, self-proclamed ''sexy osaka man''. Yes his ego was fuji-sized.

And he hated them !! he really did.

His pace was fast and angry, eyes to the pavement, mumbling away his problems.

His day had started fine. He was up early, it was a beautiful day, the 4th of july, his birthday, and his foster-country's independence day.

His mail-box was packed with happy brithday wishes, stupid photos, fan-videos on youtube, cute letters and nice tweets from his americans friends with whom he'd meet up later in the day.

But there was one mail that stood out. By the simple fact that the senders were Ryo and Yamapi. That in itself was special. Because to him they were. So with a smile on his lips, he opened the mail, and clicked the triangular ''play'' button on the video.

He had expected a LOT of things. A LOT. But not THIS.

And now what ?? the images were buried deep in his brain (yes he had one thanksverymuch) engraved behind his retinas, sounds still ringing in his ears.

And all the blood in his body had driven high speed, south.

That was not fair.

And OF COURSE he was lucky enough to be already late for the most important reunion of his career (exagerating....but still!) so he had to go with a raging hard on, barely conceiled by his oversized baggys. He figured if someone noticed something, at least the ,totaly not true ,cliché about japanese men's precious tool...will be forgotten.

But still, it'll be nice if it didn't come to that.

Checking his appearance one last time, he grabbed the longest jacket he owned, effectively dissimulating his shame and headed out.

His mood was horrible by the time he arrived at the studio. The whole way thoughts spiralled in his mind. Conjuring any disgusting and absolutely not arousing thoughts to try and keep mini-Jin at bay.

To not avail. Mini-jin had a strong will.

In other times, in another place, with other people, he would have been pretty proud. But, really, right now, mini-jin being a little weaker would have been nice too. Because fuck did it hurts.

He forced a smile on his face and replied warmly at the 'happy birthday' wishes. Bowing slightly out of habit, hoping that his flushed cheeks would easily pass as shyness.

He was slightly late for his meeting so he bowed profusely and apologized, for his yeah, 2 minutes late. No wonder they stared at him like he was crazy. He wasn't crazy...he was just japanese.

And three hours of endless debate started.

Honestly, the meeting was about HIS shows, HIS career. Then why the fuck did they decide EVERYTHING without asking him ?? he didn't go from one bossy/ dictatural boss to another. So after a while of talking like he wasn't there, came the little something that made him snap.

'' so everyone agree ? ''

everyone said yes. Except the only person to whom it really mattered.


his manager was flabbergasted. ''N-no ?''


the tension that had built up since the beginning of this day, came back at him full force.

''no ! I will not give a bad ass image just for show, I won't wear slim pants and get butt naked !!'' his last statement he practicaly screamed. Red from anger and embarrassement he stormed out of the room breathless.

He grabbed his bag and left quickly. His thoughts were whirling in his head. Did he go too far ? Will they cut the contract ? Did he make the biggest mistake of his life.

no. he did the right thing. They wanted him to strip !! on stage !! he was no cheap whore !...ok maybe he was but just to a few people selected. Naming Tomo and Ryo.

About those two ! His outburst and the awful reunion had him forgetting about his previous predicament. He was happy to realise that, his little jin was back to a less visible, but nonetheless significant !! he thought smugly, size.

Not wanting to spend too much time in the tramway or any other busy, transport, he hailed a cab. After telling him his adress he settled comfortably in the seat. He closed his eyes in a sigh.

The unwanted images came back full force as his mind rested between a sleeping-state and awareness.

He could picture the blueish bedroom, the huge mirror where Tomo would be praticing when he had the time, generally it ended up with himself or Ryo coming up behind him and wrapping arms around his moving hips, kissing down his throat, breath tingling his skin turning him into a shivering mess. Tomo would turn around and change the trajectory of his lips to capture his, hand going to his chest, marvelling at the hard muscles beneath golden skin.

Then Tomo would push him on the king sized bed, taking off his own shirt slowly, languidly, his sweat-covered torso would shine, and he'd press his hand on his stomach, wave of pleasure crashing down on him as he could feel the muscles move beneath. So caught up he wouldn't even feel hands taking off his shirt, a cute pout forming on Pi's lips as he failed. And Jin wouldn't resist, raising himself on his elbows, capturing the pouting lips, then taking pity and taking off his shirt, and smirking he'd bring his hands to his jeans, unbuckling his belt, revealing a white dolce&gabbana pants, and he would see Tomo lick his lips, eyes shining with lust as he stared, immobile.

The song Tomo was dancing on would still be playing in the background, almost forgotten by the two lovers. As it reached it's pick Jin would reverse the roles, him on top of Tomohisa, taking off both the remaing of their clothes, then whispering in his ear the last words of the song

« we can go slow and take our time, baby I will make you lose your mind »

and Tomo would moan at the feeling of Jin's breath tickling his ear, wrapping legs and arms around Jin, kissing him hungrily, as if he wanted to suck the life out of him.

Too caught up in their game, they wouldn't notice the door opening and closing. The light of the room would dim, a hand would run up and down Jin's back, till a fine, chiseled chest would rest upon him, soft lips biting on his ear slightly whispering '' not waiting for me ?'' Jin would only grunt in answer, mouth busy catching Yamapi's breathy moans.

He'd feel ryo's rough hands caressing his chest slowly, groaning, then abruptly grasping his manhood- and Jin would moan loudly into Tomo's mouth, hips rotating to meet Ryo's touch....he'd hear Tomo's voice calling to him.


''sir ? Sir ?''

Jin's eyes snapped open. He found himself face to face with the driver, peering at him with annoyed grey eyes.

''we've arrived.''

Jin spluttered an apology, paying him quickly, jumping out of the car. His legs wobbled and he held himself against a bus stop. He coudn't believe he had a wet dream in the middle of the day, in a Cab no less !

Gathering his thoughts, casting a downwards glance between his legs, he could feel the blood pulse in the hardened member, once again grateful for the large baggy jeans.

He practically run toward his appartment, looking forward to find the privacy of his bedroom.

Once inside he held himself against the wall, sighing in relief.

Taking off his shoes, dropping his jacket. He went to his room, and closed the door.

His eyes settled on his large screen apple laptop. The black screen propelled him. He turned it on, foot tapping impatiently on the ground, waiting for the virtual desk to appear.

Quickly he searched his mail, till he fell on the one he was searching for. Biting his lips he pressed play.

He rested back on his chair, hand already on his chest, moving slowly.

The first thing to appear was a hand settling the camera. Then the smiling face of Ryo and Tomohisa. Tomo's cheeks were a little flushed. Making him even more enticing, Ryo's dark eyes draw him in, and he just wanted to kiss away the smirk painted on his slim, pink lips.

''hum, hey Jin !! happy birthday asshole !'' Tomohisa said, smile turning devilish as he added the last part ''this is our birthday present to you, we got all hot and bothered thinking about you so~''

''we're gonna act on basic instinct~''Ryo added, standing up, facing the camera with an unreadable expression, eyes darkened with lust. Jin could hear Lovejuice playing in the background, Ryo's hips moving slowly in rythm as he hummed the lyrics, hand reaching out for the hem of his black shirt, slowly taking it off, his lips tilting up to a smile as his reached for his opened Jeans.

But Tomohisa was growing impatient behind him and reached out for Ryo, turning him around and pushing him to the bed, settling on top of him.

They stayed still for a few seconds, time seemed to stop for the three of them, yes three, cause jin's breath caught in his throat, just as Ryo and Tomo stared at each other with loving affection, then turned sightly to the camera, their eyes were soft, and a little sad, as if desesperately wanting him to be there. And then they were kissing, slowly, softly, Jin groaned, it was too slow, he wanted fire, he wanted to see them get lost in their world, a world of indiluted pleasure, and blazing passion.

As if hearing his complaint, the two smirked, and literally devoured each other mouths, moves frenzied as they took of their shirts, breath coming in short gasps as they pulled out for air, attacking his neck down to his chest, licking his hardening nipples, Ryo drew breathy moans from Tomohisa,who, with his eyes closed, dark lashes clashing with pale skin, cherry lips matching his red cheeks, was absolutely gorgeous. Jin played with his nipples, imagining it was Ryo, pinching, scratching lightly, as the dark haired beauty was currently doing to Tomo.

Then his tongue traced a straight, shiny line down to Tomo's taunt stomach, drawing a small moan from Jin, who just couldn't help feeling the hard-won muscles shivering under his own touch, how he loved Pi's chest.

He didn't realised he had closed his eyes as his hand drifting downwards, when they snapped open at Tomo's cry of pleasure, Ryo's mouth was wrapped around his cock. No prelude, no warning, bobbing his head up and down, cheeks hollowing, sucking Pi in, driving him crazy, Jin and Tomo's moans were synchronized as Jin's hand wrapped around his own red, and completely hard erection.

Ryo kept his eyes on Tomo's face, and Jin could see he was testing the waters, calculating, what was driving Pi crazy with pleasure. A faint smirk on his busy lips.

The ex-Kat-tun saw Ryo's fingers caressing Tomo's thigh slowly, then disappearing between the strong legs, Tomohisa's surprised cry left nothing to Jin's imagination as to what Ryo had begun.

Slightly frustrated he couldn't call up Tomo and Ryo to do that to him. He paused the video. Grunting, begrudgingly taking his hand out of his pants, he grabbed his laptop, all but tossed it to his bed, before taking off all his clothes and settling down on his bed, armed with his bottle of lube.

He layed on his side and pressed play again, coating his fingers with lube, he took the same path Ryo had, wincing slightly, it had been a while !

He felt himself relaxing around his fingers, breathy moans excaping his dry lips, he wetted them, imagining Ryo growling at the gesture and come over to claim them, forgetting Tomo for the slightest moment, to which the younger would squirm and call them over with his sweet, pleasure-induced voice. Wich he used just then, ''Ryo...more'' Ryo's finger got faster, Jin guessed, by the speed of his wrist and Tomo's smile, Jin did the same to himself, no quite satisfied, frowning at the fact he couldn't reach his pleasure point, seeing Tomohisa's lips open on a silent scream, and Ryo's miscevious, self-confident look, he knew that he found it.

Way too soon, Ryo took his fingers out, the slight nod of Tomo's head giving him the go ahead, Ryo eased himself inside, both holding their breaths for different reasons, Ryo from the unbelievable tightness resulting in waves and waves of pleasure, and Tomohisa from the slight pain.

But Ryo didn't give him time to adjust, he knew, just as Jin knew, he liked it rough. He liked the overwhelming pain that camed with the pleasure, merging together to make just one, one impossibly stronger feeling, till all he felt is him being lifted to paradise.

Tomohisa's face relaxed as Ryo's pace got faster, bodies linked in the sweetest way possible. Their mouths searching each other in a frenzied kiss. Then Tomo pulled back and cried out. There, he had found it. Jin echoed, the pain in his wrist no longer stopped him from going further, he found his sweet spot, imagining Pi fucking him while he was being fucked by Ryo, he hit his prostate at each thrust, his brain court circuited from the pleasure, all sounds muffled to his own ears, even Tomo's loud moans he couldn't hear anymore. He could hear and feel his strong and fast, too fast heart beat in his ear drums, echoing southwards down the tip of his leaking cock. His sight was blurred from tears of pleasure and the blood that had gathered up rather than down, all he could see was the two bodies moving together in a synchronized dance, the dark-haired one's pace got faster and faster, chasing exstasy with all his might. The fire of pleasure raged through him as he came, a silent cry escaping his lips as his body tensed, and white liquid spurting out of the softening member. He relaxed on the bed, slowly easing his fingers out, wincing at the pain in his joints and wrist.

His vision cleared enough for him to see them come together, their screams echoing together in the soundproof room, sweet music to Jin's ears. Soon, all but loud breathing could be heard as all tried to get their bearings back. Feeling the cottony feeling disappearing from his body, Jin slowly sat up, rolling his wrist in circles.

Finally, Ryo and Tomo sat up as well, a tired smile set on their lips, ''happy birthday Jin, we miss you~'' Tomo said as Ryo winked, his eyes soft, reflecting his feelings for him.

''I miss you too.'' Jin said, not fully realising he had said it out loud, as if hoping no matter the distance, they could hear him.

he settled more comfortably in his bed, his lower back burning slightly, he rested on his stomach, reaching for his phone, he clicked twitter.

Thanks for the video Tomohisa Yamashita and Ryo Nishikido.

Then with a sated smile, he fell asleep.

___two days later__(°△°*)

the door bell rang, it was six a.m and Jin was all but happy about the intruder. The sounds of his slippers sliding down the floor was the only thing that could be heard in the deadly silent appartment.

Ready to yell at the idiot who came knocking at this hour, he cleared his throat. He opened the door violently. But all insults died in his throat as he stared wide eyed at the two merry, but obviously jet lagged faces of his two best friends and lovers, Yamashita Tomohisa and Nishikido Ryo, who smiled at him.

''we got your tweet.'' Tomo said. Dropping down on the couch, still too surprised, Jin didn't answer. Two strong arms wrapped around his waist, hand running slowly up and down his torso, as Pi stood back up his nose met Jin's cheek, then reaching for his mouth in a soft lingering kiss, while Ryo's tongue caressed his neck.

Between the two, Jin smiled.

Their hearts sang the same song, of love, and the feeling of finally coming home.

The sweetest song of all.


so here we are, I hope you liked it!!please review!! that would make  me very happy!!
thanks for reading!! <3